About Us

ELO Coach has been around since 2008, and ELO Boosting since 2011 and has maintained the best reputation in the industry because of our commitment to excellence, and satisfying our customers! We are faster, more secure, and have better customer service than our competition. There is no other service for League of Legends that maintains the standards that we do.

The Best Elo Boost Ever. EloCoach

We would like to thank lfeppp of EpicNPC for this well written review of his ELO Boost experience.

Would like to vouch for ELOCoach! I have used their services multiple times so far and each time, they manage to exceed my expectations in terms of efficiency and professionalism. I have tested out many other services on this forum, and many fall behind ELOCoach either in terms of the skill levels of the boosters, or the honesty of their service owners.

(If possible, I would like to name the boosting services that have been dishonest, but I do not know what the forum rules are regarding that, so I will pass on that for now.)

1. These guys are extremely FAST

My number one priority when choosing boosting services is who can get the job done in the fastest time. This not only involves assigning boosters to the job in a timely manner, but also, breezing through matches regardless of elo. ELOCoach seems to have a LOT of boosters available to jump on the job as soon as an order is placed. Also, even though my accounts are very high up in terms of elo, because these guys tend to win almost all of their games, the jobs are finished extremely quickly.

2. They are GOOD.

And thats another thing, these guys win almost all their games even though my accounts are in the Diamonds. One particularly memorable moment was when ELOCoach assigned a Challenger-tier booster for me, who treated other diamond players as if they were bronze.

3. They are always REACHABLE

Not sure how they do it, but the guy at the other end of Skype does not seem to sleep. He is extremely friendly and respectful, and regardless of the size of your requested boost, will make it a priority to ensure that you feel valued as a customer and as a person.

4. They are extremely HONEST

They have this application on their website, which updates the match history of their boosters in real time. The match history are available for all past jobs as well, and the customer is always able to discuss concerns, item builds or champion choices with both the booster and the Skype person whenever needed.

All in all, I have no doubt that ELOCoach is a fantastic choice for any potential customers out there!

Why to Choose Us

  • Trusted: With over 9,000 orders completed you can expect a quick, and discreet ELO Boost.

  • Professionals: Our ELO Boosters are all professional players who maintain Challenger, and Diamond. Some of our boosters even play in the pros!

  • Tracking: Our customers have access to our state of the art backend that helps you easily follow the progress of your orders!

  • Support: We have awesome feedback for a reason, we do our best to respond quickly to all customer inquires whether by skype or our backend.

What Do People Say

Quick start to service, good price, threw in some extra because they are awesome
Definitely recommend him, I was paranoid because it was my first time buying a boost, but this guy did it for me quickly and he was a great guy about it I also had a low MMR getting boost from Silver I to Gold V but he was cool about it and finished job for me.
These guys are absolutely excellent with their service. Work very very fast, and very reliable.+1 would recommend
Ordered a boost to diamond 5. he just finished the boost for me in 2 days! his attidue was very positive. he made sure to keep me updated on the progress, recommend them for boosting!

Paid for a boost from GOLD V to GOLD IV and it was done within a matter of 6-8 hours. An organized service that places their customers needs first. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ELO BOOSTERS you will regret it. Very very satisfied with this service and will use them again.

Who We Are

  • A Brand You Can Trust

    With many verifications, and over 9000 completed orders we are the most trusted brand in ELO Boosting!

  • Diamond Guarantee

    All of our boosters are professional League of Legends players who are ranked Diamond & Challenger.

  • Fastest Results

    At ELOCoach we start and finish faster than any other service! We aim for a division per 24 hours.

  • Discreet League Boosts

    Your security is maintained by our discreet professionals who will not talk or respond with anyone on your friends list!