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I’m an expert player that has been involved in professional play since Season 1, and maintained Challenger throughout Season 3 and 4. Over time, I’ve compiled and developed strategties and techniques that have helped me achieve this. The Ultimate Challengers Guide To LoL ELO shares my secrets, and tips on how to be Victorious!

Are you currently tired of being caught in ELO Hell? Have you ever played a lot of matches and gotten no-where? Tired of getting dreadful scores? What about these horrible teammates? Overlook short-term trends and remedies, learn how to forever raise your ELO. These strategies, and techniques have been created / adapted by a Challenger player.

What Will You Learn?

What you’re doing wrong A fresh manner of thinking which will empower you Schemes to destroy your competitors Techniques that’ll have immediate impacts on your evaluation

Enjoy the Advantages of Climbing the Ladder

Better team-mates, less trolls

More chances to join successful teams & players

Impress your friends

I don’t want all my methods and techniques to become public knowledge. This is actually the product of three years worth of understanding and practice! This guide will only be around at this price for a limited time!

This 14-Page Guide Contains Chapters On

The Reasons You Aren’t Gaining ELO

Season 4: Explained

Season 4: Trends to Challenger

What is my Job? The Basics

Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Winning More Games

And Much More!

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