No.55 Govindan Street, 2nd St, Arundhathi Nagar, Chennai-600012, Tamilnadu.

Infrastructure - Business/Engineering & Constructions

1.Railways -Tracks, Signaling System, Stations, Rolling Stocks
2.Metro and Mono Rails
Shipping, Ports & Harbour
1.Port Facilities, Marine Engineering Ships & Other vessels, Inland Waterways, Inland Ports.
Roads, Bridges, Runways, Other Airport Facilities, Vehicles, Aircrafts.
Generation- Conventional - Thermal, Coal, Gas, Biofuel, Biomass; -

Renewable - Solar - PV, Concentrated Thermal;
Wind -Offshore, Onshore , Tidal, Marine Energy, Nuclear, Geothermal, HydroPower - small upto 50 MW
Transmission & Distribution
Control Panels, High Voltage Underground Power Cables, Transformers - Distribution, Power up to 50 MVA
Turnkey Power as utility supply to Urban areas
Other Renewables
O & M Services

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